Classical Ethnic Sound Remixes to order

Personalised Musical Objects and Collages

Adding Sounds to Text and Poetry

for enjoyment celebrations remembrances original gifts

On a person-to-person basis

you may explore the possibility to have

a musical piece made to suit your taste and needs.

Artisan dedicated work will strive to produce a sound object for you

drawing from over forty years of proximity to all types of musical expression

and sources of sound.

Give me a theme or a scope. Tell me your musical preferences.

I'll design and propose an "aural object" for you.

And the price will be inversely proportional to my pleasure in doing the work.

How to go about it in practice?
Through email you tell me your idea or need, with as many details and specifications as you like. I'll respond and possibly there'll be a few exchanges to better focus on the idea. Then I'll quote the price and if you agree I'll go ahead with the work. After the necessary time I'll send you a demo and if you are satisfied you'll send me the agreed amout. Soon afterward you will receive the completed product on CD, DAT, or Cassette with possible extra copies as per your indications.
Listen to some examples:
From the Poetry of Floriana Bossi
A Sibyl (one of 30)    
Three Pills of Impermanence    
Your Custom Designed Music
is an uncertain-profit organisation founded on metamusical concepts
but the product might turn-out to be suitable to your taste 
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